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Home cinema test: How to make the perfect movie night with friends

Home cinema test: How to make the perfect movie night with friends

So you succeed in the perfect movie night with friends

In winter, we like to crawl into our apartment “cave” and wait for the sun to look longer again. Many people then see your friends less – not so in spring and summer. As the days get a bit longer, we visit friends and neighbors more often and do things after work or on weekends. Of course, you can go to the movies a lot, but that puts a strain on your wallet over time. So why not invite a few friends home to watch a movie? However, the “cinema experience” should not be lost. With these tips, your movie night will be a complete success!

Home theater test

Home cinema test: How to make the perfect movie night with friends

The right technique

A razor-sharp picture is part of an unforgettable movie night. Although the film is from the 50s, the picture is not like in the flicker box anymore. Most TVs show movies in HD + resolution (4K). If you are still watching HD, you do not have to buy a new TV right now. If you receive your TV program via satellite, you can also connect an HD + module. This is a small card that either connects to the TV or the receiver and upgrades your device from HD to HD +. Of course, with a great picture and the sound is not behind waiting. The cinema works with surround sound, which means that not only does sound come from the front (ie from the television), but speakers are distributed throughout the room, giving you the feeling of being in the thick of things. So if you want to invest a bit in the right sound, you can read here everything worth knowing about speaker systems for home theater.

The coziness factor

Of course, the technology is only half the battle. A movie night at home is much more relaxed, you do not try rushing through the rush hour traffic in the hustle and bustle, but it starts when everyone is there. Before that you can cook something cozy. So if you do not just want to hand popcorn to the movie, you will find numerous recipe inspirations online . And another advantage of the home cinema: You can talk during the movie, try that in the right cinema! To make sure that the evening is a complete success and a lasting wellbeing experience for you and your friends, the ambience must of course be convincing. Since we enjoy with all our senses, the room should be tidy, clean and fresh. So the tax return cleared from the table, once the windows open and a few scented candles distributed in the room. So you can concentrate fully on the film scene, get yourself dark curtains. Of course, the armchair and the couch should be comfortable to sit on, even for longer movies. Comfortable pillows and blankets provide the necessary comfort. Now all you have to do is choose the right movie, and if you own a Smart TV, you can easily browse the gallery in Netflix to your heart’s content, until the right thing is found.

Home cinema test: How to make the perfect movie night with friends

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