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Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

We in the editorial department of Freshideen have already written many articles about houseplants. Evergreen, flowering or succulent , sophisticated or slightly adaptable, these beautiful roommates in our home bring a fresh touch and make every room feel more comfortable. And if you do not have a green thumb, then what to do? Many people want more lush greenery at home, unfortunately, their houseplants often show withered leaves or the plant heads hang already two-three weeks after purchase. That’s a sure sign, your plants are starting to grow! The joy of indoor plants transforms in despair over their own ability to care for them properly. But even in such moments you should not let your head hang or panic, because from every situation there is a way out! In your case, it means easy houseplants! What are these and how to maintain them under domestic conditions, you’ll find out!

You do not necessarily need a green thumb for these houseplants!

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

Many beginners in terms of houseplants think, the more robust the easier to clean. But beware, that does not always apply! There are several varieties of houseplants, which have tender leaves, but thrive well in dark corners of the room and manage with little water. The house plants presented here can be successfully pulled home without much effort and care, but you need some knowledge about it as well as a few care tips.

We want to help you in every way and have listed the most easy-care indoor plants below that are actually considered indestructible! With these favorites, you can be sure that they will not go down and gift you with greenery for years. The brief information about the green, easy-care residents is combined with the most important tips for their care, which you must keep in mind. Stay tuned and let yourself be informed about easy-care indoor plants!

Aloe vera – the evergreen houseplant, which is also well known as a natural remedy.

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down



  1. Popular easy-care indoor plants: Aloe vera brings a green touch to the house

The Aloe is an ancient plant that was known in the Arab world thousands of years ago and was named desert plant. The name “Alloeh” also comes from the Arabic and means something like “shiny, bitter substance”. The fleshy, evergreen pointed leaves of aloe contain a valuable gel that is considered a natural remedy. This is why aloe vera is also widely used in cosmetics production. As a houseplant, it is very popular because of its decorative features and undemanding care. The green plant prefers a warm location with lots of light but little moisture. You do not have to water until the potting soil feels dry. Fertilize once every three-four weeks, the new nutrients do the aloe well.

Proper exotics that are easy to care for and relatively unpretentious

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

  1. Bromeliad – a real exotic among popular houseplants


Whether at home or in the office, the Bromeliads adorn many rooms and bring an exotic touch. There are about 3000 plant species belonging to the large bromeliad family, most of them from South America. With us these houseplants feel quite good, because they tolerate the dry air of the heated rooms in winter. Her colorful exotic flowers are striking at first sight. These are red, orange or yellow colored leaves that form a rosette. The bromeliad is a resistant houseplant that also gets by with little water. There is a little trick in the casting of bromeliads! The plant does not absorb water through the roots. It forms a scroll funnel, where you pour in as soft as possible rainwater. You need to keep your bromeliad in a warm location and for a long time admire its exotic splendor.

Dieffenbachie’s green spotted leaves are a real eye-catcher in summer and winter

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

  1. Dieffenbachia


The Dieffenbachie is originally from the rainforests of South and Central America. This attractive houseplant owes its name to the Austrian botanist Joseph Dieffenbach (1796 – 1863), who worked in the Botanical Garden of Vienna for many years. Their green leaves often attract prying eyes, because they are uniformly shaped, finely spotted or dotted, depending on the variety. The Dieffenbachie is extremely easy to care for, it only needs a bright, warm location, regular watering and fertilizing once a month. In the Volksmunde the plant is known under the name “Giftaron”. So, be careful with their care! The beautiful leaves of Dieffenbachien contain a poisonous juice that is dangerous for small children and pets! The best way to keep your little ones and pets away from the beautiful Dieffenbachie!

Dragon tree – easy to look at, nice to look at, but poisonous!

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

  1. dragon tree


The dragon tree is a worldwide well-maintained easy-care indoor plant, which is also known under its Greek name Dracaena. There are over 60 dragon tree species, one more beautiful and more eye-catching than the other. Each plant has a palm-like, woody trunk with thin green leaves at the top. Without a doubt, the Dracaena makes a beautiful figure in every room, it is also easy to care for and undemanding. She comes out with little light, but wants to be watered regularly and fertilized. Here is caution again, because the fine leaves of the dragon tree are poisonous, that is dangerous for small children and pets!

The window leaf offers plenty of lush greenery

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

  1. Cheese Plant


If you have a free room corner, then this beautiful potted plant belongs exactly there. It is bursting with green and is eyecatching. Its green openwork leaves shine and can grow up to 1 m long. The window leaf takes so much space. It does not like direct sunlight and can only be poured when the upper layer of the potting soil dries slightly. Only in very dry indoor air, the beautiful leaves have to be sprayed with water. However, the plant adapts well to all kinds of room conditions and can thrive happily for many years at home or in the office.

Just as easy-care and indestructible are other houseplants, which we show you in our picture gallery. You can also find out more about it here or browse our website. One thing you need to know is that you do not need a green thumb to pull those evergreen beauties home. Choose only your personal favorite and test your skills as a plant friend. We wish you a lot of fun!

This evergreen houseplant brings nature to your home!

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

Rubber Tree – This sturdy plant with its thick, rubbery leaves will pass the test of time.

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

For your green decoration indoors and outdoors – bow hemp adorns house and garden

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

Zamioculcas – This easy-care but eye-catching plant is perfect for shelves and side tables, but can also be placed directly on the floor.

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

Easy-care indoor plants that never go down

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